Angels are your employees, who have skills and funds they want to give to the causes that they care about. Angels can access opportunities for community outreach wherever and whenever they choose. Developing their skills, social awareness and themselves.


Now more than ever, businesses have a responsibility to be the driving force behind social change. Using Ethical Angel not only means businesses can do all those things, but they can also report on it, and quantify and qualify what effective engagement looks like to them.


As a charity, you can sign up to the Ethical Angel platform for free. Your free membership helps you to source skilled volunteers, fundraise and strengthen or build corporate relationships. Our charity team provide ongoing insight and advice to help you get what you need.



Ethical Angel is a human resources solution for businesses who want to engage and up-skill their workforce through community outreach. 

Our mission is to prove to businesses that empowering staff with a mechanism to give time and money to causes they are personally interested in has a positive bottom-line impact. We do this through powerful analytics that our platform automatically populates, across infinite organisational levels.

By championing democratised corporate giving we are mobilising a valuable resource for society's causes.


Learn more about Ethical Angel by clicking on the links below.

Employee Engagement

Click on the icon above to watch the employee engagement video we made for one of Ethical Angel's subscribers. 

Launch of Ethical Angel

Click on the icon above to watch the launch film for Ethical Angel and hear from some of our supporters. 

User Explainer

Click on the icon above to watch the explainer video for users of Ethical Angel.