It is in our innate nature as human beings to help those who are in need of aid. Our platform frees/empowers you to do so from anywhere, anytime with the causes that resonate with you.


Now more than ever, businesses have a responsibility to be the driving force behind social change. Working in partnership with Ethical Angel, you will embed purpose and empower your workforce to contribute skills to society while the platform records the real value of your business’s social engagement.


We support global ethical causes with a free service that allows them to find passionate volunteers, who can use their skills and resources to help them. 


Ethical Angel is a unique, scalable, data-driven solution that integrates the specific needs of employees (angels), businesses and ethical causes, into one intuitive, value-adding platform.  

It can be used as a standalone solution for corporate social responsibility, employee engagement and continual professional development or as a supplementary tool to existing initiatives. 

We help businesses understand the value of social engagement and provide their angels with an easy way to support a greater number of ethical causes.



Ethical Angel has been purposefully developed to make it easy to use. 

    - Angels are presented with a beautifully intuitive and gratifying experience.

    - Business admins have full activity oversight and comprehensive management functionality. 

    - Ethical Causes enjoy our simple upload feature and the ease of interaction.

Ethical Angel has been built using the latest programming techniques, to ensure security and functionality. Our platform also automatically orientates, reformats and re-optimises itself based on the screen size of your device.